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Norochcholai coal plant dead again

Wed, 27 August 2014 23:23 | Economy

(NIDAHASA News) Norochcholai power plant came to a complete standstill once again after the breakdown of last working turbine last evening (28).

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"A beer brand could destroy the country"; buddhist monks say

Mon, 18 August 2014 23:11 | Special

(NIDAHASA News) A group of Buddhist monks demands government to ban the popular funfair Oktoberfest, fearing an "upcoming" beer brand with the same name could "destroy the country."

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UN accuse Sri Lanka of violating international laws by kicking out refugees

Wed, 13 August 2014 02:32 | Special

(NIDAHASA News) UN refugee agency called on Sri Lanka government to stop kicking out asylum seekers without a fair hearing.

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Monks invade war-victims' meeting; Police supported mobs, US says

Mon, 04 August 2014 22:20 | Special

(NIDAHASA News) Police was supporting mobs to disrupt a right group meeting in Colombo yesterday (04), US Embassy says.

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