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Sirisena-Rajapaksa combination: chinese puzzle of Sri Lankan politics

Sun, 05 July 2015 10:45 | Political

(NIDAHASA News) Sri Lankan political landscape is becoming a Chinese puzzle after President Maithripala Sirisena's United People Freedom Alliance's (UPFAA) decision to grand nomination for ousted president Mahinda Rajapaksa in upcoming general election.

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Rajapaksa to make a come back in August poll

Wed, 01 July 2015 11:42 | Political

(NIDAHASA News) Ousted Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa today (01) announced that he would be running for the upcoming general election in August.

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Sri Lanka election likely to be a triangular battle

Sun, 28 June 2015 09:52 | Political

(NIDAHASA News) President Maithripala Sirisena finally dissolved the parliament on Friday (26), ending the weeks-long political uncertainty. Parliamentary election is to be held on 17 August, officials said.

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Political uncertainty brings stock to five weeks low

Wed, 03 June 2015 21:04 | Economy

(NIDAHASA News) Parliamentarians from both ruling party and opposition yesterday (03) called for the dissolution of house and immediate election while ongoing political uncertainty causing Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) to close at their lowest in over five weeks.

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